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utnereader: Andrew Carnegie built an impressive 2,509 libraries around the turn of the 20th century. Now Rick Brooks and Todd Bol are on a mission to top his total with their two-foot by two-foot Little Free Libraries.

The diminutive, birdhouse-like libraries, which Brooks and Bol began installing in Hudson and Madison, Wisconsin, in 2009, are typically made of wood and Plexiglas and are designed to hold about 20 books for community members to borrow and enjoy. Offerings include anything from Russian novels and gardening guides to French cookbooks and Dr. Seuss.

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     I have many many thoughts in my head about today.  I am not even going to attempt to make them cohesively fit together but take each one as the separate entity that it is and sum them all up as my life.

      First of all,  I am up entirely too late.  I should not even be typing this out right now.  I planned to write this but got caught up in my book, The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.  So I thought I would put this off until the morning but very smartly realized that I would forget many things I wanted to write.  And that these things would lose importance roughly 9 hours from now and that I would decide that they were not important and not write.

     I really really like pretty pictures but I want an imprint of ME here as well.

     One major thing about today:  Valentine’s Day—     many of you know that I am single.  And sure there were a few moments where I thought “oh, single girl”  but overall I can 100% honestly say that the Valentine’s Days where I am single are so much better.  I have no reasons to be upset,  and no numbskull has bought me purple mums thinking they are an inventive Valentine’s Day present. 

     My first major boyfriend was one of those who did not believe in Valentine’s Day and so when I was 18 and 19 I got nothing and was sad about it.  My second major boyfriend (ages 20-25) barely ever worked and I can honestly say that I do not remember one present from him for the day.  And my third (ages 26-30) was the type who was often mad at me and therefore did not deserve a gift from him.  But he was the one who bought me the aforementioned Mums which I woke up in the middle of that night and cried about.  Sad but true. 

     And in case you are wondering,  I associate Mums with funerals and that is why to me they are entirely inappropriate.

    So as a single woman I can buy my own candy,  but am blessed with a lovely mother who buys me a big heart box of candy.  And I can buy my own flowers which I am waiting for the hoopla of the day to be over to get.  But when I get them they will be white tulips because about a month ago I made a promise to myself to get. 

    I am happy buying presents for Micah.  This year he got a white leopard stuffed animal which he is alternately calling a tiger or bear.  And a small box of Whitman chocolates with Snoopy on the front,  which on our house Snoopy has a very special meaning.  

    So overall I am happy with my day.  A little disappointing of course,  yet considering the facts better than most.